Jay Larson from Conan and Tosh.0 1/3-1/5

Jay likes simple things. Whether it be rain during the middle of the day or Stealing Chai Lattes from his friends. He has somehow discovered how to make a living off of ideas like these. Some people say he’s weird, some people say he’s not weird enough. If you ask him he will say that he’s completely normal! Jay grew up with a bunch of old people in Stoneham Mass. It’s a small Burb outside of Boston. Now he splits his time between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. While he is awake he is usually telling jokes to other human beings, sometimes they are in the form of an audience, sometimes they are just random people on the street and sometimes they are sitting on the couch watching TV. Yeah, Jay has been on TV before! Seriously he has! Comedy Central, The Late Late show, Last Comic Standing and selling products for companies!
Recently Jay spends his time writing short films for ATOM.com, Working on writing projects for other comedians as well as himself. You can check out his shorts in the video section of this here website. He is also very busy trying to get “alot” made into it’s own word because he thinks that “a lot” is just one step too many, patenting his invention “Severity Breaklights” and trying to get on the LPGA tour. It seems like he is doing a lot, and he is but he always has time for his fans! Drop him a line on his website, www.whoisjaylarson.com or his Facebook, or his house! Jay is also a great letter writer and thinks it’s a lost art form so feel free to send him a personal letter and he is sure to send one back! Jay says bye for now, “Man he is pushy!”