Dr. Ramon’s Hypnosis Comedy Show 4/24

Get ready to go crazy, for a hilarious Comedy Hypnosis show featuring by Dr. Ramon. If you have never been to one, it is an experience to talk about for months.

Dr. Ramon’s shows are innovative, interactive, entertaining and simple put—amazingly funny! — He quickly gained recognition with audiences across North America hypnotizing groups of 35 within 6 seconds or less.

When Dr. Ramon Smith, a native of Bermuda, discovered that he could get people laughing through the most engaging form of comedy entertainment, his own dreams became a reality.

Dr. Ramon Smith is a comedian and certified hypnotherapist. Dr. Ramon offers unique entertainment to colleges, universities and private events that is contemporary, interactive, extremely funny and simple put—amazing! He can hypnotize groups of 35 or more in less than 6 seconds. Performing for over 18 years in hypnotic comedy, Ramon shows have been trademarked as one of the best comedy hypnotist shows in Atlanta, GA, and ranks in the top 10 Comedy Hypnotist show in the nation. His showcase opens with a spectacular magical display of lights accompanied by a musical spin-master, audience participation, and the unpredictability of improvisational comedy!

Growing up in Bermuda, Ramon was known as a funny, yet mystical young man. Fascinated by the human mind, he developed an acute interest in hypnosis. “Curiosity got the best of me,” he adds in his unique British accent. So, after completing a doctorate degree in London, Ramon decided to move to the U.S. to jump-start his business, Dreamlike Reality Production. Initially calling himself, “The Dreamcatcher,” his career as a hypnotist was underway.

Upon arrival in the U.S., Ramon began to help people effectively manage pain, quit smoking, lose weight and promote healings through hypnotherapy. However, Ramon’s passion to make people laugh began to heighten. Finally, Ramon found a healthy way to help people engage in fun and laughter – he launched into comedy hypnosis entertainment.

Featuring Quincy Bonds as host, Dan Weeks, Josh Harris and Mia Jackson, bring your friends to be hypnotized by the best in the world!