Jamie Kennedy “Malibu’s Most Wanted”, “The Jamie Kennedy Experience” & “The Ghost Whisperer”

Currently the host of The CW show ‘Oh Sit” now on its second season, Jamie Kennedy honed his skills on the comedy circuit and landed his big break being cast in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet,’ alongside Leonardo DiCaprio as a punked-out rival to John Leguizamo.  His career soon kicked into high gear as he co-starred in his breakthrough performance as Randy Meeks, the video store clerk well-versed in the conventions of scary movies, in Wes Craven’s ‘Scream’ and its follow-up ‘Scream 2.’   Since these early days, Jamie has worked alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood like, Steve Martin in ‘Bowfinger,’ you see a harder side of Jamie Kennedy the actor as a street hustler who attacks Greg Kinnear in the Oscar-nominated ‘As Good As It Gets.’   In 2002, Kennedy created his own sketch comedy show ‘The Jamie Kennedy Experiment,’ which quickly became The WB’s highest-ranking new show, attracting three million viewers each week.  Among the wacky characters played by Kennedy, one became across the board an all-time favorite – Brad Gluckman the Malibu rapper.  Taking it to the next level in 2003, ‘Malibu’s Most Wanted’ was released starring Kennedy as the white “wanna-be rapper” from Malibu.

With approximately 190 episodes of television under his belt – with networks that include CBS, WB, MTV, Comedy Central, Showtime, NBC, Fox, and VH1 – Jamie provided his voice for ‘The Cleveland Show’ on Fox and was starring as psychology professor Eli James in the CBS drama ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ which was Friday’s #1 show on television at the time.

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