Jon Lovitz from Saturday Night Live and The Critic 7/31-8/02 (Special Event)

Comedian and actor John Lovitz was part of the Saturday Night Live cast for five years, during which time he created memorable characters like Hanukkah Harry. After leaving the cast, he enjoyed continued success as an actor on film, stage and television. Despite his remarkable success as a television, film and stage actor, Lovtiz was unable to work up the nerve to perform standup comedy until quite recently. “I was always going to do standup,” he says, “the same way that some guys say they were always going to climb Mt. Everest.” Finally, in the early 2000s, Lovitz took his chance by performing brief, five-minute sets at the Laugh Factory, the famous Hollywood comedy club. While at first he leaned on his old Saturday Night Live characters as a crutch, he soon realized that audiences really just wanted to see “Jon Lovitz being silly and funny. So that’s what I do. I use my personality and make fun of myself and it really seems to work.” In 2007, he founded the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Los Angeles, where he gives weekly standup performances. The venue has also hosted many other famous comedians from around the world. After performing an impressive array of television, film and stage roles, Lovitz is now perfectly content to focus on his standup comedy routine—living out his childhood fantasy of making a living by telling jokes. Once an aspiring comedian memorizing Woody Allen tapes and poring over Neil Simon plays, Lovitz has now accomplished everything he set out to do, including working with both of those childhood idols. He says, “I can’t think of any boyhood dreams left to fulfill.”